The bathymetric survey is carried out in Puerto de la Cruz

The elittoral team has carried out a bathymetric survey in Puerto de la Cruz, a strategic action for the development of the early warning system in the town. Bathymetry, which is equivalent to altimetry on the Earth's surface but applied to the marine environment, will provide accurate data on the depth, structure and […]

Interview in Cadena SER

Today, on the Cadena SER program 'Hoy por Hoy Tenerife', Juan Carlos Castañeda has interviewed our colleague Juan Carlos González, a geographer at GRAFCAN, to talk about the LIFE Garachico project and the recently published GIS Viewer. Do not miss this interesting interview!

Sea level rise, one of the challenges of climate change


Among some of the consequences of this phenomenon, there could be losses of more than 11% of the GDP of the Canary Islands. The regional government foresees that the Archipelago will have the Climate Change Law in November Throughout the next century, the erosive processes that could occur on the coasts of the Canary Islands due to the change […]

Actions as citizens that help curb climate change

Actions to curb climate change

Currently, climate change is influencing the proliferation of adverse meteorological phenomena throughout the world, the rise in sea level, deforestation and has an impact on many aspects of our day to day. For the areas of Macaronesia, an increase in the frequency of extreme events between […]