MacaroNight: A Unique Scientific and Cultural Event

Diferentes actividades relacionadas con la divulgación científica, organizadas por la FGULL, han tenido lugar hoy en el municipio de Arona. Dentro de las diferentes actividades organizadas por la Fundación General de La Universidad de La Laguna en el marco del proyecto Macaronight, en la jornada de hoy, día 28 de septiembre de 2023, que ha […]

Discovering the Marine World at the Arucas and the Sea Fair

El proyecto LIFE Garachico estuvo presente el pasado domingo 24 de septiembre en la Feria “Arucas y el Mar”, organizada por la Concejalía de Medio Ambiente del Ayuntamiento de Arucas entre los días 19 y 30 de este mes, con el objetivo de poner en valor los recursos naturales y marinos del litoral. Nuestra misión […]

Share your photos of the Garachico sea

Call for the entire population of Garachico! Is there a corner in Garachico where you can catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing sea and experience the magic of the seascape? We invite you to share your photos of these areas with us on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) using our official hashtag #LIFEGarachico or #ElMarDeGarachico and naming the author of […]

Important inter-administrative meeting for the LIFE Garachico Early Warning System

Within the framework of the project, an important meeting was held today to improve inter-administrative coordination in response to risk alerts issued by the Early Warning System developed at LIFE Garachico. Today various key players have come together to begin to outline the protocol through which they will be transmitted to […]

Disclosure of the LIFE Garachico project at 'MARE Conference XII'

The University of La Laguna was present at the XII edition of the 'MARE People and the Sea' conference, held in Amsterdam from June 26 to 30. The MARE congress is organized by the University of Amsterdam, and is held with the support of the Center for Sea and Society of the University of Gothenburg […]

Interview in the program From Night to Day

Today an interview took place on the 'De la Noche al Día' program with Laura Comes Aguilar, Technical Coordinator of the LIFE Garachico project. In the informative content space of Radio Televisión Canaria, directed by the journalist Miguel Ángel Daswani, the peculiarities of the project, the progress made and the objectives […]

The LIFE Garachico Project is presented at the BEACON Symposium

The BEACON International Research Symposium: Climate Change Adaptation in the Coastal Built Environment, held on June 19 and 20 in Santander, brought together researchers and professionals from various fields. Through the exchange of knowledge and multidisciplinary collaboration, it seeks to develop effective policies and methods to face the impacts […]

The GIS Viewer of the LIFE Garachico Project has been published

The first phase of the LIFE Garachico project has been completed. Cartográfica de Canarias (GRAFCAN) publishes the GIS Viewer of the LIFE Garachico Project, which can be consulted at the following link or by clicking on the 'VIEWER' section located in the menu on the main page from Check the results of the hazard analysis, […]

Diffusion of the LIFE Garachico Project in 'Telenoticias 2' of RTVC

We are pleased to report that last Friday, June 2, 2023, Radio Televisión Canaria dedicated a space in the Telenoticias 2 newscasts to disseminate the work of the LIFE Garachico Project. On this occasion, Carla González Cruz, a social anthropologist from the University of La Laguna, was in charge of explaining the project and […]