Key meeting between LIFE Garachico and LIFE COSTadapta

Durante la mañana de hoy el proyecto LIFE Garachico se ha reunido con la coordinadora técnica del proyecto LIFE COSTadapta en las instalaciones de la Facultad de Ciencias del Mar de Gran Canaria. Ambos proyectos trabajan en la búsqueda de soluciones para adaptar los municipios costeros de la región macaronésica frente a eventos de inundación. […]

MacaroNight: A Unique Scientific and Cultural Event

Different activities related to scientific dissemination, organized by the FGULL, took place today in the municipality of Arona. Within the different activities organized by the General Foundation of the University of La Laguna within the framework of the Macaronight project, today, September 28, 2023, which has […]

Discovering the Marine World at the Arucas and the Sea Fair

The LIFE Garachico project was present last Sunday, September 24, at the “Arucas and the Sea” Fair, organized by the Environment Department of the Arucas City Council between the 19th and 30th of this month, with the aim of highlighting the natural and marine resources of the coast. Our mission […]

Important inter-administrative meeting for the LIFE Garachico Early Warning System

Within the framework of the project, an important meeting was held today to improve inter-administrative coordination in response to risk alerts issued by the Early Warning System developed at LIFE Garachico. Today various key players have come together to begin to outline the protocol through which they will be transmitted to […]

Disclosure of the LIFE Garachico project at 'MARE Conference XII'

The University of La Laguna was present at the XII edition of the 'MARE People and the Sea' conference, held in Amsterdam from June 26 to 30. The MARE congress is organized by the University of Amsterdam, and is held with the support of the Center for Sea and Society of the University of Gothenburg […]

The LIFE Garachico Project is presented at the BEACON Symposium

The BEACON International Research Symposium: Climate Change Adaptation in the Coastal Built Environment, held on June 19 and 20 in Santander, brought together researchers and professionals from various fields. Through the exchange of knowledge and multidisciplinary collaboration, it seeks to develop effective policies and methods to face the impacts […]

The 'II Neighborhood Meeting' is held in Garachico

Last Thursday, April 20, the 'II Meeting' with the residents of the municipality took place in Garachico. The neighborhood meeting was attended by a total of seven residents and the technical team was attended by Carla González from the ULL, Alejandro Rueda from Elittoral, Christine Bezic and Juan Carlos González, both […]

The fourth follow-up meeting of the LIFE Garachico project takes place

On April 18, the fourth meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the LIFE Garachico project was held in the municipality of Garachico in person and online, where the technical and financial progress of the project was presented. The meeting was attended by 21 people, 11 in person and 10 online, belonging to the […]

The University of La Laguna discloses the LIFE Garachico project

Within the dissemination plans of the degrees of the University of La Laguna (ULL), the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication has been developing a dissemination plan on initiatives and research projects, in which researchers participate in Social Sciences. For this reason, on the 17th […]