Presentation of the LIFE GARACHICO project to the Cuban Delegation

Yesterday Javier López presented the LIFE GARACHICO project to a Cuban Delegation. This seminar is part of the first training section of the project “COMPLEMENTARY STUDIES FOR THE INTEGRAL SOLUTION TO FLOODS ON THE HAVANA MALECON” that IHCantabria is currently carrying out.

A meeting takes place with members of the Civil Protection of Praia da Vitória

Yesterday, LNEC colleagues met with members of the Civil Protection of Praia da Vitória to discuss matters related to the improvements of the Early Warning System of Praia da Vitória (Terceira) and the adaptation and self-protection measures that are installed in the municipality when there is a risk of flooding. The Coordinator of the […]

We were present at the second biogeographic seminar

The LIFE Garachico project was present at the second biogeographic seminar held in Terceira (Portugal) between November 8 and 10. During this event, Member States with lands in the Macaronesian biogeographic region met to debate and exchange progress, challenges and plans to develop commitments focused on expanding the areas […]

V Meeting of the Monitoring Committee

#Update #LIFEGarachico Last week the V Follow-up Meeting took place with all the partners involved in the project. The work session, on October 30, 2023, was online and the progress of the different actions was discussed. We keep moving forward!

Successfully completed the second anchoring of the current meter in Garachico

On Saturday, October 7, Elittoral successfully completed the second anchoring of the current meter in Garachico. This oceanographic instrument will be collecting data from the seabed until January 2024. This event is very important because the data collected will play a crucial role in adjusting the calibration of our warning system […]

Dissemination of the project at the SCACR 2023 Congress

The National Civil Engineering Laboratory (LNEC) participated from September 4-6 in the SCACR 2023 Congress (10th Short Course/Conference on Applied Coastal Research), held in Istanbul, Turkey. The objective of SCACR events is to provide all participants with information on the latest advances, both from a scientific and […]

Share your photos of the Garachico sea

Call for the entire population of Garachico! Is there a corner in Garachico where you can catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing sea and experience the magic of the seascape? We invite you to share your photos of these areas with us on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) using our official hashtag #LIFEGarachico or #ElMarDeGarachico and naming the author of […]

Important inter-administrative meeting for the LIFE Garachico Early Warning System

Within the framework of the project, an important meeting was held today to improve inter-administrative coordination in response to risk alerts issued by the Early Warning System developed at LIFE Garachico. Today various key players have come together to begin to outline the protocol through which they will be transmitted to […]

Interview in the program From Night to Day

Today an interview took place on the 'De la Noche al Día' program with Laura Comes Aguilar, Technical Coordinator of the LIFE Garachico project. In the informative content space of Radio Televisión Canaria, directed by the journalist Miguel Ángel Daswani, the peculiarities of the project, the progress made and the objectives […]

Interview in Cadena SER

Today, on the Cadena SER program 'Hoy por Hoy Tenerife', Juan Carlos Castañeda has interviewed our colleague Juan Carlos González, a geographer at GRAFCAN, to talk about the LIFE Garachico project and the recently published GIS Viewer. Do not miss this interesting interview!