IHCantabria participates in the Spanish Coastal and Port Engineering Conference

On May 8 and 9, IHCantabria participated in the Spanish Coastal and Port Engineering Conference held in Ibiza. They have participated with a presentation titled “Risk analysis and flexible adaptation strategies against coastal flooding due to climate change in urban areas of Macaronesia, and its application in […]

VI Meeting of the Monitoring Committee

#Update #LIFEGarachico In recent weeks, the VI Follow-up Meeting took place virtually. These meetings, in which all partners participate, are essential to follow the following phases to be executed in a coordinated manner. We keep moving forward!

There is progress in the description of the recent overruns recorded in Garachico

El equipo de GRAFCAN avanza en la descripción de los rebases registrados durante los eventos costeros de oleaje recientes que han provocado inundaciones en el frente costero de Garachico. La instalación de un conjunto de cámaras en la ubicación piloto de Garachico ha permitido detectar no sólo los fenómenos de inundación, sino también caracterizar estos […]

Participation in the INTER LIFE PT 2024 event

Eng. Conceição Fortes and Dr. Larize Lima, members of the Center for Port and Maritime Structures of the Hydraulics Department of the LNEC, participated in the event “INTER LIFE PT 2024 – Annual Meeting for the Exchange of LIFE Experiences”, on December 6 March, in the city of Viseu, Portugal. The event, organized by the […]

LNEC in Praia da Vitória: Surveys and Strategic Meetings

Within the framework of the European LIFE-GARACHICO project, members of the Port and Maritime Structures Unit of the LNEC were between February 5 and 7, 2024 in the municipality of Praia da Vitória, on the island of Terceira, to carry out surveys among the population and participate in a series of meetings with […]

Second extraction of the current meter successfully completed in Garachico

El equipo de Elittoral completó con éxito la segunda extracción del correntímetro fondeado en las aguas de Garachico. Este instrumento oceanográfico estuvo registrando datos desde el 7 de octubre de 2023 hasta el 20 de febrero de 2024. Los datos servirán tanto para validar la calibración del sistema de alerta temprana como para comenzar los estudios de […]

The bathymetric survey is carried out in Puerto de la Cruz

The elittoral team has carried out a bathymetric survey in Puerto de la Cruz, a strategic action for the development of the early warning system in the town. Bathymetry, which is equivalent to altimetry on the Earth's surface but applied to the marine environment, will provide accurate data on the depth, structure and […]

Meeting between partners of the ULL and LNEC

Today a meeting was held, within the framework of the LIFE GARACHICO project, between the partners of the ULL (Canary Islands) and the LNEC (Portugal), in order to replicate some of the activities that have been developed in the pilot site, since the project will start, in Praia da Vitória (Azores).

We continue the field work in Garachico

During this week we have visited Garachico again to compare with neighbors, the Local Police and Civil Protection some of the initiatives of the LIFE GARACHICO project, such as the design of safe observation points of the waves for visitors to the municipality. What areas do you think are ideal to observe the […]

Presentation of the LIFE GARACHICO project to the Cuban Delegation

Yesterday Javier López presented the LIFE GARACHICO project to a Cuban Delegation. This seminar is part of the first training section of the project “COMPLEMENTARY STUDIES FOR THE INTEGRAL SOLUTION TO FLOODS ON THE HAVANA MALECON” that IHCantabria is currently carrying out.