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EU financial contribution 55%
LIFE20 CCA / ES / 001641

Adaptation to coastal flooding due to climate change through flexible strategies in urban areas of Macaronesia

In Macaronesia, from 2010 to 2100, an increase of 100% in extreme coastal events is expected. That is, the phenomena that took place every 100 years will occur annually.

The project LIFE Garachico It consists of the creation and implementation of a flexible strategy in order to reduce the risk of flooding, based on the involvement of citizens and public authorities.

The pilot takes place on the island of Tenerife in Garachico, later it will be implemented in Puerto de la Cruz and Praia da Vitória in Portugal.







Photograph of Francis Fernandez | unsplash


It is located in the northeast of the island of Tenerife, where it occupies 29.28 km2 within the region of Icod-Daute-Isla Baja.

Garachico has a rich architectural heritage from the 16th and 17th centuries that is very well preserved, for which it was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1994.

in the coastal area of this municipality There are extensive farms dedicated to the cultivation of bananas, while in the midlands there is self-consumption agriculture with small properties. 

It is located in a region where tourism is the main economic engine. It is estimated that 35% of GDP is generated by this sector, in addition to 40% of jobs in the region.

The island of Tenerife receives about 5 million tourists a year, of which approximately 40,000 correspond to the location of Garachico

Puerto de la Cruz and Praia de Vitoria

The replication procedure of the strategic adaptation frameworks is crucial within the present project and for this a prior analysis is required given the different socioeconomic conditions (assessed in the field, in Garachico), together with the exposure to the impact of climate change.

The information collected will be the reference point to successfully replicate the adaptation strategy in different EU contexts.

Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife and Praia de Vitória in Portugal are, due to their geographical location, equally prone to the inclement weather that occurs from these phenomena.

Likewise, they are equally characterized by significant tourist pressure, a confined urban structure and by their propensity to storms from the Atlantic, which makes both cities two strategic enclaves to carry out the replication of results.

This replica will allow verifying the effectiveness or need for changes in the strategy that is configured to also contribute to an improvement of the urban coastal space in Macaronesia, guaranteeing its effective transfer and long-term sustainability.


Title of the project: Adaptation to coastal flooding due to climate change through flexible strategies in urban areas of Macaronesia.

Acronym: LIFE Garachico
Location: Canary Islands and Azores
Duration: 2021-2026
Grant Agreement: LIFE20 CCA / ES / 001641

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