Geographic situation

The European Union it has nine outermost regions that are geographically at a great distance from the European continent.

These regions are, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Reunion and Saint Martin (France), Azores and Madeira (Portugal), and the Canary Islands (Spain).

The region of Macaronesia, this is the Azores and the Canary Islands, it is one of the outermost zones of the EU Y they are among the European regions with the highest degree of vulnerability, especially their urban coastal areas.

Climate change

Regarding the influence of climate change, an increase in the frequency of extreme events of a factor of 100 is expected between the years 2010 and 2100 for the areas of the Macaronesian.

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Early detection buoy in Garachico of wave forecasts (2018). The Ministry of Territorial Policy, Sustainability and Security of the Government of the Canary Islands will install in the sea, off the coast of Garachico (Tenerife), a system to improve wave forecasts in the area (2018).
Early detection buoy in Garachico of wave forecasts

Conceptual framework

In the last 20 years, losses in Spain and Portugal have amounted to almost €40,000 million (with only 10% of damaged goods insured).

Specifically, losses of €250 million have been estimated in the Canary Islands [López Díez, A. et al, 2015]. In addition, the frequency of large-scale tropical storms that devastate the Azores Islands has multiplied by 3 in the last 100 years [Antunes C., 2019].

these facts entail the necessary implementation of adaptation strategies to climate change and its effects on coastal flooding of urban areas, in order to reduce socioeconomic and environmental impacts in the Macaronesian region.

The works will be implemented in the pilot location of Garachico (Canary Islands, Spain), historically prone to coastal flooding.

In the last decade, an average of €50,000 per year in repairing street furniture and infrastructure due to extreme coastal flooding events.

In addition, damage of almost 800.000€ due to storms with a return period of 5 years (which are expected to have a higher frequency in the region).

Said strategic framework will be replicated in the locations of Puerto de la Cruz (Canary Islands, Spain) and Praia da Vitória (Azores Islands, Portugal).

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