Geographic situation

urban coastal areas they are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change due to sea level rise and extreme events.

Therefore, adaptation measures against coastal flooding due to climate change, considering the uncertainties of future scenarios, are crucial.

Traditional strategies of rigid adaptation (infrastructure) are not a viable solution, especially in vulnerable areas such as Macaronesia (outermost regions of the EU), where, given the geographical characteristics, these conventional strategies have a high environmental and socioeconomic cost.

Therefore, a change of perspective is proposed:

The project LIFE Garachico is a demonstration project, which aims to implement, test, evaluate and disseminate entirely new methodologies and approaches in the EU in the context of protecting urban areas from the risk of coastal flooding.

The holistic characterization of risk and the introduction in coastal flood management of acceptable risk levels that the population and the administration are willing to assume, are part of the way to achieve the objectives of this project.

To achieve this, it will be carried out

In addition to this, it will promote to the development of scientific bases for research, planning, programming and monitoring of actions aimed at sustainable development and the fight against climate change to eventually carry out actions aimed at raising awareness, training and participation of Canarian society in projects in the fight against climate change and in more sustainable forms of development.

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