Strategies and adaptation

The LIFE Garachico project consists of the creation and implementation of a flexible strategic framework that allows increasing citizen knowledge and their acceptance threshold about flood risk, through the implementation of hard and soft measures.

Holistic risk characterization and introduction to coastal flood management of the levels of acceptable risk that the population and the administration are willing to assume, are part of the way to achieve the objectives of this project.

The strategic framework developed It will be applied in a first phase in the pilot location of Garachico and its effectiveness will be verified in other locations (Puerto de la Cruz and Praia da Vitória), with different economic, geographical and environmental characteristics.

Azores, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Madeira and the Savage Islands.

Putting the focus of action on Macaronesia will serve as a demonstration of the effectiveness of the results, which will increase the possibility of being replicated and transferred to other European regions.

First steps

The project It will be based on the European Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (COM/2013/216) through coastal management, the protection of the tourism sector in insular areas and the adaptation of urban planning.



Standardize risk analysis procedures

To quantify the risk of coastal flooding due to climate change that affects more than 200,000 people in an area of almost 50 hectares in Garachico, Puerto de La Cruz and Praia de Vitória.

Also, identify areas with significant values of exposure, vulnerability and probability of occurrence of impact, based on mapping techniques and field work.


Tools and protocols to identify and determine acceptable levels of flood risk

The project will develop tools and protocols to determine the acceptable risk levels of the Garachico community, collating with it the risk analysis to determine thresholds in the variables to be monitored.


Implement and replicate early warning adaptation measures

LIFE Garachico will implement measures to reduce the impacts of extreme events, in addition to early warning systems that reduce the risk of coastal flooding. Based on the monitoring, risk reduction analyzes will be carried out.


Develop technical recommendations and management tools

LIFE Garachico will provide technical recommendations and management tools collected in a technical manual. It will establish a risk reduction framework based on flexible adaptation strategies, through adaptation measures and interactive governance techniques, relating it to socioeconomic and environmental indicators.

The technical manual is intended to be included in the urban planning plans in Macaronesia, as it is an effective vehicle for disseminating the methodological framework and guaranteeing the replication, effective transfer and long-term sustainability of the project.


Promote new risk management policies and increase employability

Based on the accumulated knowledge about the implementation of the strategy. The feasibility of adopting insurance strategies to include risk financing schemes in adaptation policy will be explored.

This will give rise to a set of solutions close to the market to be included in the adaptation strategy, disseminated through the technical recommendations.


Promote the implementation in other areas of the EU of the flexible adaptation strategic framework

A regional platform with multiple stakeholders in Macaronesia will be created to share experiences through co-creation events.

This platform will constitute a basis for the dissemination of the technical recommendations, ensuring the transferability of the adaptation strategy to other national and EU projects and the long-term sustainability of the project.

Measurements and results

adaptation strategies

Adaptation strategies to be developed includes two types of measures: soft and hard (hence its flexible category).

The soft ones consist of those measures that do not foresee significant constructive interventions, they are management, governance and social measures aimed at increasing the resilience of the community against coastal flooding events. On the other hand, hard measures are understood as those that are carried out through constructive interventions.

During the implementation of LIFE Garachico, an innovative risk assessment tool will be introduced for the characterization of the different socioeconomic and environmental elements within the urban coastal area: the development of a Risk assessment method (based on the exposure-hazard model -vulnerability) combined with the determination of acceptable risk levels for the population.

Creation of Regional Platform

The creation of a Regional Platform will make it possible to transfer the acquired experience and create a dialogue framework for the generation of a common space for tailored strategies for the urban coastal areas of Macaronesia.


These solutions seek to capitalize on the benefits of the project by creating market niches that benefit from the results.

In this way, it is expected that these results will contribute to increasing the tourist influx of the area by 10%.

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