What is LIFE Garachico?

Informative video fragment LIFE Garachico 3 project

To answer this question, we have made the first informative video of the LIFE Garachico project, where it is explained that the consequences of climate change are increasingly palpable and coastal areas suffer, since the rise in sea level brings with it strong waves and including floods that affect the way […]

The results of LIFE Garachico are presented at the IAHR World Congress

The LIFE Garachico program discloses the results of its research at the IAHR World Congress

One of the objectives of the LIFE Garachico program is to disseminate the results of the research carried out by his team, focused on measuring the impact of climate change on the coast of this Tenerife municipality. For this reason, Javier López Lara, tenured professor at the University of Cantabria, has presented along with nine other […]

LIFE Garachico at the Canary Islands Environmental Film Festival

view of Garachico

The attendance of LIFE Garachico at the Canary Islands International Environmental Film Festival (FICMEC) is confirmed, a space to exchange opinions and experiences on the relationship of the human being with the environment. The focus of LIFE Garachico is the citizens, young and old, who live and suffer random coastal events, that is, the […]

Have you seen us around Garachico?

Throughout this year, GRAFCAN staff and the University of La Laguna are mapping the Garachico coast to characterize its level of exposure and vulnerability to coastal flooding and evaluating the perception of risk by the population. For this they have carried out field visits, identifying goods, infrastructures and uses. Also […]