Project co-financed by the LIFE Program
EU financial contribution 55%
LIFE20 CCA / ES / 001641

Adaptation to coastal flooding due to climate change through flexible strategies in urban areas of Macaronesia

Garachico Puerto de la Cruz Praia da Vitoria

Climate change, urban environment and extreme coastal events

Events that used to occur every 100 years are projected to occur more frequently.

Social perception of risk

flexible project

Strategic framework design that allows it to be replicated in other areas of Macaronesia and Europe

soft and hard measurements

Our objetive

Coastal adaptation to climate change in Macaronesia

LIFE Garachico is a project framed in the LIFE program of the European Union, in which a multidisciplinary team of entities from Spain and Portugal will develop an innovative Flexible Adaptation Strategic Framework (MEAF) to increase the resilience of urban regions of Macaronesia to events extreme coastlines resulting from climate change.

It is an innovative project where the differentiating element is found in the role that the citizen acquires, as a fundamental element of the project.

The pilot takes place on the island of Tenerife in Garachico, later it will be implemented in Puerto de la Cruz and Praia da Vitória in Portugal.