Project co-financed by the LIFE Program
EU financial contribution 55%
LIFE20 CCA / ES / 001641

The Government of the Canary Islands, through the Vice-Ministry of Transition Ecological, Fight against Climate Change and Energy, is the coordinating beneficiary who will direct and guarantee the correct execution of the project through decision-making. Among other activities, it will assist in the collection of data for exposure assessment, provide experience in coastal flood policies and management, monitor preparatory and implementation actions, disseminate materials and supervise dissemination, capitalization and networking actions.

Represents the authority of the local entity of the pilot environment of this project. The Garachico City Council will provide key information and data on the risk points, will inform the residents about the field work, will direct the application of the adaptation strategy in Garachico and will include its knowledge and experiences in coastal flood policies.

Public Administration at the local level of one of the replication locations within the Macaronesian region, after obtaining the results in the pilot location. It will participate directing the replicated measures in the municipality. It will lead and develop the capitalization action of the project.

The Island Council of Tenerife is the Public Administration with powers over roads and mobility at the island level. It will directly participate in the elaboration of protocols for access and circulation of urban traffic, technical recommendations and management instruments (technical manual), among other contributions of information and collaboration in actions.

EVM is a consultancy with extensive experience in managing European projects. Specifically, it will provide the project with its experience and support in the area of communication and dissemination, the strategy and development of social education initiatives, the visualization and development of a surveillance and monitoring system.

The IH Cantabria is a joint research center between the University of Cantabria and FIHAC, which carries out research, technology transfer and specialist training. Within the scope of this project, IHCantabria will provide technical advice on climate change, provide data related to hazards and specific relevant risk points, coastal flooding risk analysis and resilience (it will direct the generation of risk maps) and provide technical assistance in regarding risk perception, among other actions.

Public company of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands that will contribute its knowledge and expertise to the project in the following areas: spatial data cartography (registration, design, themes, updating...), GIS and IDE, technical assistance to public-private sectors , research and development of related applications of IA-GIS, risk analysis and development of early warning systems.

Public research institute, dedicated to science and technology with extensive experience in developing strategies for adaptation to climate change. Mainly, it will lead the application of measures and protocols proposed in Praia da Vitória, provide technical advice on climate change and provide knowledge, experience and data necessary for the writing of reports, in addition to informative material and courses and workshops held in Portugal (Lisbon and Azores).

Made up of Tragsa and Tragsatec, it forms part of SEPI and the Institutional Public Sector, having the status of contracting authority and own means personified by the Public Administrations that participate in its shareholding. You will participate with the daily coordination of the project, both technical and financial, ensuring that project milestones are achieved. It will support the monitoring of the capitalization and Networking action.

The ULL is a public university institution dedicated to post-compulsory education and research. It will be responsible for carrying out the analysis of the risk perception and adaptability of the local population of Garachico, will carry out the socioeconomic analysis of the project at the local level, will assume the weight of the participatory work on governance issues and will provide support, information and experience in Regarding the generation of risk, vulnerability and exposure maps of the regions in different ways.

Marine environmental consultant whose main axis of its business activity is in the coastal environment. It will carry out the field campaigns to validate the predictions of the numerical model, it will install the calibration and validation equipment for the operational system, it will provide data and information for monitoring and it will organize the project workshops with the support of other partners.


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