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Training activities will be carried out aimed at the scientific and technical community and public administrations. Citizen awareness sessions will also be held.

Capacity Building Workshops

Specialized sessions on the design and implementation of flood adaptation measures in urban coastal areas. Aimed at disseminating the hard and soft measures of flexible adaptation both to the technical sector and to the general public.

Specialization courses certified by the project consortium

Intended to promote among professionals and technicians the knowledge generated regarding flexible adaptation measures in urban coastal areas and create a new specialized market in the area of Macaronesia.

Holding of technical forums for the presentation of the project

Dedicated to professionals and companies: architects, engineers, environmental technicians. The forums will aim to present opportunities and share experiences around the development of solutions and adaptation measures in civil works in response to adaptation problems due to coastal risk.

Celebration of International Conference

“Coastal protection structures in urban environments and characterization of the vulnerability and exposure of a population”

Aimed at the scientific and technical community and public administrations. The event will consist of two days of work and exchange of experiences and a field visit to Garachico (“living laboratory”) where the implemented measures will be shown.