Project co-financed by the LIFE Program
EU financial contribution 55%
LIFE20 CCA / ES / 001641

The company Elittoral, a member of the LIFE Garachico project consortium (LIFE20 CCA/ES/001641), anchored on January 7, 2023, an oceanographic instrument to measure the main characteristics of the waves present in the Garachico area for three months.

The measurement instrument is a current meter, which will allow the team members to obtain data such as the height of the waves, their direction of origin and the period of the waves (time between waves); for the next three months. The objective is to record the information of some of the biggest storms that occur during this period.

The equipment that was anchored off the coast of Garachico at a depth of -40 meters, is an AWAC-600 current meter from the manufacturer NORTEK.

This equipment has the capacity to record data every 0.2 s, which will allow the project partners to obtain completely accurate wave behavior in the Garachico area. The instrument is expected to be recording wave data until April 2023.

In the campaign there was a boat belonging to a local fisherman and a professional diving Zodiak.

The data collected during the field campaign will be used to calibrate the numerical model, developed by IHCantabria, which will feed the early warning system. This highly accurate system will allow the municipality of Garachico to anticipate and prepare for the risk of coastal flooding.

Camera view of El Emigrante at the time of anchoring.

On the other hand, the set of cameras installed on the coastal front of the municipality will not only make it possible to determine the flood phenomena and their characteristics, but also these images will be related to the current meter data. In this way, GRAFCAN will evaluate the feasibility of these images reinforcing said early warning system.

Elittoral, is an environmental consultancy, specialized in carrying out coastal and oceanographic engineering studies in the marine environment.



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