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Different activities related to scientific dissemination, organized by the FGULL, took place today in the municipality of Arona.

Within the different activities organized by the General Foundation of the University of La Laguna within the framework of the Macaronight project, today, September 28, 2023, which took place in El Fraile, municipality of Arona, there have been exposed materials from the LIFE Garachico project and carried out dynamics with the attending public at the stand of the University Institute of Social Research and Tourism located in the Cultural Center plaza. In addition, Raquel de la Cruz Modino, professor at the University of La Laguna and collaborator in the LIFE Garachico project, has also participated in the Conference Women and Science, with a talk at 11:00 in the morning in the El Fraile Cultural Center Room.

This initiative is part of the project MacaroNight, an exceptional scientific and cultural event that is part of the “European Researchers' Night,” financed with European Funds that has been celebrated throughout Europe since 2018. Its objective is bring research and science closer in an attractive and accessible way, while inspires interest of young people for scientific careers. Furthermore, it has the ability to unite the islands of the macaronesian archipelago in a single night of celebration that highlights the science, culture and shared history of these regions.

In 2023, the University of La Laguna is the headquarters of MacaroNight, which takes place from September 25 to 29 in a blended format. The focus is on addressing five key missions established by the European Commission to address global challenges until 2030: adaptation to climate change; the fight against cancer; the restoration of oceans and waters; the creation of smart and climate-neutral cities; and the promotion of healthy soils in Europe.

You can consult more information in the website of the University of La Laguna and the activity program.



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