Project co-financed by the LIFE Program
EU financial contribution 55%
LIFE20 CCA / ES / 001641

On January 24, the LIFE Garachico technical team met with the Garachico police chief, Alejandro Álvarez, to comment on the activities that are going to be carried out in the municipality within the framework of the project.

The meeting served to assess tools and technical means, some of which are already implemented and underway, as well as to manage emergency situations, such as those that may occur during adverse coastal phenomena. The meeting also provided first-hand knowledge of some of the problems that plague the historic center of the municipality and the uses and economic activities that are affected by coastal flooding in this area.

During the meeting, emphasis was also placed on possible strategies to work with certain groups of civil society, such as tourists and schoolchildren and the local business community of the municipality.



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