Project co-financed by the LIFE Program
EU financial contribution 55%
LIFE20 CCA / ES / 001641

The first phase of the LIFE Garachico project has been completed. Cartográfica de Canarias (GRAFCAN) publishes the GIS Viewer of the LIFE Garachico Project, which can be consulted at the following link or by clicking on the 'VIEWER' section located in the menu on the main page of

Check the results of the analysis of hazard, exposure and vulnerability to coastal events in the urban area of Garachico. These analyzes have also allowed the characterization of the risk due to coastal flooding. We also include the perceived risk, which is the result of a participatory action with the local population during FICMEC 2022. 

The Viewer is very easy to navigate and is organized into 4 categories: hazard, exposure, vulnerability and risk. In addition, in the exposure layers you will be able to explore in more detail the elements that were taken into account in the analysis, classified into 6 thematic groups: population, land use, buildings, furniture, cultural heritage and natural heritage.

Taking the Fifth IPCC report and the emission scenarios (called Representative Concentration Pathways or RCPs) as a reference, you will find different scenarios represented for hazard and risk. The current scenario that represents the current emissions situation, the RCP 4.5 that represents a moderate scenario with concentrations of greenhouse gases that stabilize before the year 2100 and the RCP 8.5 that represents a pessimistic scenario with high concentrations of greenhouse gases without stabilization at the end of the century. By combining these scenarios with different return periods (2 and 100 years) and different time scales (mid-century and end-of-century), you can choose from 10 different combinations.

The layers can be activated simultaneously and you have at your disposal tools that will allow you to measure, navigate in two simultaneous windows and even load your own layers, all with the aim of exploring the situation of Garachico in the face of coastal flooding events .

But the GIS Viewer is not only a tool created for citizens to acquire a more precise perception of risks, but also seeks to promote the resilience of the municipality in the face of this type of event. This new tool, which is now available to everyone, will contribute to the recently started implementation phase of the project in which soft and hard measures will be evaluated and implemented, which will contribute to Garachico's adaptation to adverse coastal events.



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