Project co-financed by the LIFE Program
EU financial contribution 55%
LIFE20 CCA / ES / 001641

The GRAFCAN team is making progress in describing the overtopping recorded during recent coastal wave events that have caused flooding on the Garachico coastline. The installation of a set of cameras in the pilot location of Garachico has made it possible to detect not only the flooding phenomena, but also to characterize these events, determining the type of flood, its location and the characteristics of the water sheet of the overflows that have occurred since 2023. The objective of this work is to provide data that contributes to improving the Early Warning System currently developed by the Environmental Hydraulics Institute of the University of Cantabria.

This example shows the images and data recorded for the same individual overtopping event, including the area and speed of the water sheet. This process is repeated for each of the recorded overshoots and provides us with crucial data not only to improve predictions in Garachico, but also to contribute to the municipality's adaptation to climate challenges.



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