Project co-financed by the LIFE Program
EU financial contribution 55%
LIFE20 CCA / ES / 001641

We are very proud to announce that on April 28, within the framework of the LIFE Garachico project, elittoral, with the help of local divers and fishermen, carried out the extraction of the AWAC 600 current meter, which had been anchored on the Garachico coast since January 7. This device was anchored to measure the speeds and directions of the currents and waves in the area during these months, being a fundamental tool to analyze and calculate the risk of flooding.

The LIFE Garachico project proposes the development of methodologies for the creation of a Flexible Adaptation Strategic Framework for the coastal municipalities of Macaronesia. This is based on the evaluation of acceptable risk levels and specific interventions at the local level, in order to increase the resilience of these areas against current and future extreme coastal events due to climate change.  

At this moment, the LIFE Garachico project is carrying out the implementation of the early warning system for coastal flooding in the pilot location of Garachico. This initiative seeks to improve the resilience of the area in the face of extreme events and minimize the risk to the population and infrastructure.

We hope to continue acquiring new data, so it is expected to perform
a new anchoring in the winter 2023-2024, to validate the calibration of the
operational system and increase the accuracy of the forecasts.



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